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EUROPAfest is today one of the most popular festivals, bringing together in one event four genres: jazz, blues, pop & classic

The Festival Director message

"This year we are celebrating 28 years of EUROPAfest.
28 years in which we offered to the public a festival that distinguishes itself through live music, professionalism and elegance.
We created EUROPAfest with passion and the belief that we can succeed. As we already accustomed you year after year in 2021 there will be unique and always surprising performances for the enthusiastic public with remarkable artists, from 24 countries, 5 continents, carefully selected by specialists.

Ever since 28 years ago we have achieved performance. We had thought everything we did as if we would have been on any of the great stages of the world. Even if it was hard, in a society in a continuous change, it was the only thing that we could have done. The results did not let themselves to be expected, EUROPAfest becoming one of the most appreciated festivals, both on a national and European level. One thing is certain, EUROPAfest has created a positive image for Romania.

EUROPAfest manages each year to bring a breath of fresh air, innovation, keeping at the same time the same qualitative and refined note. Between 16 - 24 of July we make Bucharest more beautiful. We expect jazz, blues, pop and classical music lovers to enjoy the concert evenings which blend harmoniously with the jam sessions, contests, caffe festival, workshops and master classes. Year after year in May, EUROPAfest sets the tone for the major festivals all around the world! It’s all about live, quality music!"

Luigi Gageos
Director of EUROPAfest