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State Philharmonic of Sibiu

3-5 Cetatii Street, Sibiu
State Philharmonic of Sibiu
The State Philharmonic of Sibiu is a location with a historic value for the city, founded in 1949, on whose stage stepped renowned musicians that enchanted the public through the symphonic concerts. The new center of the Philharmonic, THALIA Hall, is a true cultural edifice. The grandeur and refinement of the hall creates a life story sewed with symphonic tones. The imposing stage, red color, lodges, they all impress and make you think of the elegance of long gone eras, inducing a dream atmosphere, history and cheerfulness. The State Philharmonic of Sibiu organizes and hosts annually different festivals and concerts, bringing quality music, symphonic operas closer to the public’s mind and soul.
Founded in 1949

is a true cultural edifice.