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Cristian Vornicelu - violin


Originally from Bacau, Cristian Vornicelu started his career as a violonist at the age of 6, when he joined the “George Enescu” Art College in Bucharest. In 1993 he began his studies at the Music Academy in Bucharest, under the supervision and guidance of professor ?tefan Gheorghiu, one of the best violin professors of all times. He continued his studies at the famous academy “Folkwang Musik Hochschule” in Essen (Germany), under the guidance of the violinists Mincio Mincev and Pieter Daniel. He also studied chamber music with Professor Vladimir Mendelssohn, a prolific composer, writing works for solo instruments, mixed choir and symphony and chamber orchestras. In 1996, Cristian Vornicelu became the concert master of the Romanian Chamber Orchestra Jeunesses Musicales, which under his leadership won the Ghamber Orchestas International Contest in Hague. Currently he is a concertmaster at the “Klassische Philharmonie” Orchestra in Bonn (Germany), as well as a violin professor for the Music College in Essen.