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Dan Papirany Trio

Australia, New Zeeland
Dan Papirany Trio


Dan Papirany - piano
Marsh Robinson - upright bass
Steve Wright - drums


The Dan Papirany Trio is a jazz trio originated in Auckland, New Zealand. It is now based in QLD Australia.
The Trio repertoire consists of jazz standards, ballads, bebop and Dan Papirany's own compositions which includes references and ideas borrowed from contemporary tunes and standard harmonies.
Papirany’s music is the opposite of where the mainstream jazz sound is today, he finds that current sounds are always experimental and doesn't try to follow these trends, simply because he wouldn't be happy sounding like most modern players. Dan’s trio recorded their debut album of jazz standards which was released in March of 2004 entitled “Session One” and was nominated for a New Zealand Music Award. The "MLC Café & Bar”. His 6th album "2011" and his 7th album "2014" includes his original “Bargara" which won second place in the Australia Jazz Convention Original tunes competition in December 2011.  His latest album is titled "2015" and includes one original tune entitled "Eb Major Waltz”. In May 2016 Dan performed with his group two successful shows at EUROPAfest 2016 in Bucharest and was invited to return in May this year as a Judge in the 2018 international jazz competition in Romania.