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Elimi Jazz Quintet

Elimi Jazz Quintet


Francesco Di Giovanni - guitar
Grazia Buffa - voice
Giovanni Balistreri - sax
Vito Vulpetti - bass
Roberto Provenzano - drums


 Elimi Jazz Quintet is a masterful assembly of different and special artistic talents, coming from different musical backgrounds and experiences, intertwining their artistic optics during their jazz course at the "A. Scontrino" Conservatory of Trapani. The heterogeneity of the group is also noticeable at the compositional level, each member signing his own part and finally combining them in a musical kaleidoscope tuned to each artist, but also to the collective itself. Distinguished in important international competitions, such as Sicily Jazz Academy Contest and Tomorrow's Jazz - Veneto Jazz Award, the assembly can dwelve the auditorium into the unique stories as told by their fairytale sounds.