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Hard Swing Mango

Hard Swing Mango


Julien Queriaud - piano
Xavier Garnier - double bass
Arnaud Perrin - drums


Hard Swing Mango is a French jazz trio for whom jazz is as much of a state of mind as a repertoire. Born in Poitiers, France, from a desire to share jazz music within a larger community, it took the band only two years to move from standard pop-rock jazz covers to very personal and creative compositions. The trio was revealed by the prestigious stage of the Vienna Jazz Festival in 2017 and their first album, Rhapsodie, was released in 2018 and anchors the identity of the trio in a lyrical, subtle, intelligent and sincere music. The trio continues its work of writing and playing with this 'jazz is for all' perspective without any compromises on the exigency of this music, building a special place in the landscape of today’s French Jazz.