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Austria, Brazil


Emiliano Sampaio - guitar/trombon
Tobias Steinruck - bass
Luis Oliveira - drums


Meretrio was founded in 2004 with one goal: the exploration of the diversity of popular music. Since its founding, the trio has continuously expanded its creative work: Brazilian rhythms fuse with elements of jazz and chamber music. In 2016, Meretrio released the CD "Óbvio" in Austria and received a four-star review from Downbeat Magazin. In 2017, Meretrio´s album entered in the list “Best Albums of the Year” from Downbeat Magazin. The trio has played at major festivals in Brazil and Europe, including: Bavarian Jazz Weekend, Fête de la Musique, Jazz'n More, Mikulassky Jazz Festival. In 2021, Meretrio focuses on Brazilian music and releases a new album entirely dedicated to "Choro", with arrangements of classics of our folk music, starting in 1870 and developed during the last century telling a little the history of Brazil! „Meretrio is a cohesive unit that favours a tight, groove-oriented sound, but one that allows for immense freedom within that space.” Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazin – About the Album „Óbvio” (2017).
The band is led by Emiliano Sampaio, multiple awarded in jazz, who is doing doctoral studies in jazz composition. He has worked with numerous orchestras, including Metropole Orchestra, a multiple Grammy winning jazz. 
brazilian jazz, samba, ballad, modal jazz, western funk, modern jazz, waltz, rock, choro