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Nicoletta Tiberini - voice, kigoni, body percussions
Chiara Lucchini - voice, flute
Eugenia Canale - piano, voice


Padma is the Sanskrit name for lotus, a flower that grows out of muddy waters and rises up above them in all its beauty. It is a symbol of transformation, spiritual growth and purity. As they started their musical journey together, the pandemic hit Europe and forced them to stop playing together. This didn't prevent music to continue flowing: they bounced ideas back and forth, eventually managing to come back together to rehearse and record. Padma seemed to them the perfect symbol to represent a music project that flourished during such a difficult time. They strive to create a unique sound by putting together their music influences coming from classical, jazz and traditional music. Their setlist includes jazz standards as well as many original compositions where arrangement and improvisation play an equally important role. They are planning to continue expanding their repertoire by arranging and creating music together, exploring the possibilities that this unusual ensemble offers them.
modern jazz, contemporary jazz, jazz waltz, jazz ballad, ethno jazz, modal jazz