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Radu Valcu Quintet

Radu Valcu Quintet


Radu Valcu - classical / electric guitar
Andrei Petrache - piano / synth
Mihai Balabas - violin / live electronics
Razvan Florescu - vibraphone / percussion
Alexandru Badea - drums


RVQ (Radu Valcu Quintet) was formed in May 2018 from the desire to generate an artistic organism through which it can express both its compositional creativity and the talent of its performers. The recording of their first EP, Visions, filtered and transformed the group's experience into an intelligent, emotionally explosive and already mature music in terms of writing and structure. The original compositions became the heart of RVQ, the place that generates its sound identity. Inspired by jazz, fusion and classical music, the band proposes, in fact, its own way of understanding music, finding itself in the sensitivity directed towards the timbre space and the deepening of the harmonic universe.