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We exist since 1994

And we revive every spring, in May. This year the event was moved to July. The fans of good music know us. As an unique event in Romania, the series of concerts and contests deployed as "EUROPAfest" represent over 28 years, a real succes in country branding.

28 years
and experience

It wasn’t tough, but it wasn’t easy either to reach the 28th edition. However, we’re not giving up and the EUROPAfest 2021 is already in the height of preparations.

Our motivation and strength to go on and to “grow” from one year to another came from the passion for good music, from the desire to demonstrate that in Romania too there can be quality, professional events, from the enthusiasm of a public that became more numerous with every edition and from the participants’ words of appreciation. Moreover, we are proud that the event has lasted on the Romanian musical market, regardless of economic period or political system.

16 years
of Their Royal

EUROPAfest takes place under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Margareta and HRH Prince Radu. The traditional partners of the festival are The Ministry of Education, various cultural centers and embassies.

250 musicians
5 continents
40 countries

Apart from its professional prestige, the festival brings the Romanian public closer to excellent, quality music, reuniting in Bucharest the latest names from the European musical community and special guest stars from other continents.

The over 250 musicians from 40 countries who gather each year in Bucharest never lip-sync, but always play live, improvise genuine music on stage, before your very eyes. That makes the difference!

4 styles
of music

The event has imposed itself on the Romanian and international music market with a diversified agenda that seeks innovation year by year. Blues, pop, jazz or classical music concerts satisfy some of the most varied tastes. Thus, each day of the festival offers a rich agenda and the certainty of unique moments. During ten days the festival offers an original mélange of jazz, blues, pop and classical music.

Opening Concert - Bucharest & Sibiu
Jazz, Blues & Pop Concerts
Bucharest International Jazz Competition
Jeunesses International Music Competition Dinu Lipatti
Classical Music Concerts
Jam sessions / Master-classes
Caffe Festival

EUROPAfest invites you to discover the real European “savoir-vivre”, because the event doesn’t mean just music. It goes beyond conventional borders – it means spontaneity, diversity, special musical encounters, atmosphere and great moments.

When you say EUROPAfest you say good music!
It's all about live quality music!